Privacy Policy

IMPIUS respects and is completely dedicated to data protection and treatment, and their personal information and privacy policy informs about the usage by IMPIUS of the collected data, when browsing the website WWW.IMPIUS.PT and  when using all the functionalities that it offers necessary to make their services available, as well as inform about the applicable security and confidentiality measures.


The user is required to carefully read this privacy policy and to access the content or submit information on the website  WWW.IMPIUS.PT  if they agree with the respective terms.


Personal data or orders will not be considered if done online by minors younger than 18 years.


The personal data are treated in accordance with the rules of the Portuguese Commission for data protection, as well as the General Regulation for data protection and IMPIUS guarantees that their personal data are treated in Portugal in a correct manner and in conformity with the good manners.


If the user needs additional clarification, regarding the present policy, they should send their questions or doubts to the following mail:

The management of the website WWW.IMPIUS.PT and the data treatment collected during navigation, registration, online purchasing and order process to the website WWW.IMPIUS.PT  is under responsibility of IMPIUS.


The user guarantees explicitly their agreement to IMPIUS to use their personal data, address, references, purchases and methods of payment in conformity with the conditions and services offered by the website WWW.IMPIUS.PT .


IMPIUS proceeds to information history storage of all purchases effectuated, in order to use it for communication purposes between both sides, offering personalized service, product offerings, orders and delivery processing, promotional campaigns and publicity.  The website WWW.IMPIUS.PT  was developed so that the usage of the personal data is strictly used for its original purpose.

When navigating the web site WWW.IMPIUS.PT can be collected the following data:

  • Profile information, interests, tastes or any of the personal information that can originate from a third platform or can be subcontracted in order to personalize our services. These subcontracted entities on the name and account of IMPIUS are also regulated by the practice and security measures according to the law;
  • Information provided by the user when completing forms and inquiries on the website WWW.IMPIUS.PT , or website usage for statistical objectives and service improvement;
  • Details about website visits, traffic data, localization, weblogs and other communication details;
  • When subscribing our newsletter with information about our brands/designers and products, an e-mail will be required for receiving newsletters;
  • When the user creates or shares their Wish List, with the intention to personalize our services for purchasing products on the website;
  • In the process of product purchasing on the website WWW.IMPIUS.PT will be required personal details on the purchasing form, such as name, e-mail, birthday, measures, phone number,  delivery address, tax number, for the purpose of sales, order processing and transportation of the ordered products by the user and facilitate the next purchase.

 IMPIUS uses personal details provided by the user in order to be able to manage the site WWW.IMPIUS.PT and furnish required and available products and services; verify your identity, order details and payment method. The user´s personal data are used by IMPIUS to communicate through the given means, manage the commercial activities, personalize user´s interests and obtain statistical consumption details.


Whenever there is a necessity to change or remove their personal data, the user can send an e-mail to

The personal data of the user will not be disclosed to third parties for purposes that are not allowed by law, without their explicit agreement, except when there is an opposite disposition. Their personal data will be communicated to third parties when necessary for the order processing: Service for payment processes and returns; order processing, selections, packaging and dispatch of the acquired products; services for fraud management and verification, hosting and management of the WWW.IMPIUS.PT.


IMPIUS can share users' personal information, in case there is any legal obligation or simply application of our Terms and Conditions, or in a way to protect the rights and property of IMPIUS.


IMPIUS can also reveal anonymous statistical details about the number of visits to the website WWW.IMPIUS.PT, or number of sales closed with third parties or investors.


IMPIUS have access to third party´s personal data disclosed by the user of the website, as for example when the user buys a product with the purpose to send to another person. In these cases, the user needs to get the agreement of the third party and to inform them about tour privacy policy before to send us their personal details. The user will be the only responsible person in the disclosure of third parties´ information, and other illegal and incompatible use.


The user needs to consider that the personal data that we require to be provided, such as: e-mail, address, payment method details, phone contact, address / delivery address, are necessary for the order processing and for the acquisition of the products offered on the website and to follow up with the obligations resulting from the applicable law and regulations. The refusal to provide personal data prevents us from processing the purchase request and can justify our refusal to process the purchasing order for products on the website


The personal data of the user that are mandatory and necessary for the purchasing process are marked with the symbol asterisk (*), thus distinguishing personal from optional data. When not provided the optional data, no penalty will be applied.


In case IMPIUS changes its institutional structure, by incorporating complete or partial sales, liquidation or goods transfer, IMPIUS can transfer, sell or provide personal details collected through the website  WWW.IMPIUS.PT  as an integral part of the transition.


The personal data of the user will not be revealed to third parties without previously informing the user, or without their approval when this is required by law, except for the cases predicted within the present document.

The duty of IMPIUS is to protect the security of the personal data collected and /or transmitted, using the technology security proceedings for the data protection purpose, against the non -authorized access, usage, or disclosure. It still not possible for IMPIUS to eliminate completely the security risks related to this.


The access to the collected data is limited for the employees of IMPIUS, eventual subcontracted partners and third parties that need an access to execute their functions of product and service supply to the user.

Cookies are data files that a website sends to your computer during visit of the website, establishing automatic proceedings of relevant information collection, that can provide more personalized usage of the website.  Every time the user visits the website, these files are automatically activated in a way to configurate their preferences registered from previous visits. Thus, the user can navigate in a faster and more efficient way without the necessity to introduce the same information.


IMPIUS uses cookies to supply more information when visiting the website WWW.IMPIUS.PT. They can be accepted, turned off, or rejected through a configuration of the navigation program (browsers), or when effectuating alterations in the tools for antivirus programs. However, this can modify the form of website interruption, to the extent of disabling login to our programs, site, or access to many sources and offered services through the website WWW.IMPIUS.PT including the product purchasing.


We use the following types of cookies:

  • Essential Cookies (used by DNN and ASP) – Some cookies are essential to access specific areas of our web site. Permit the site navigation and the usage of their applications and access the secure areas of the web site through the login. Without these cookies, the required services cannot be provided.


  • Analytical Cookies (Google Analytics) – We use these cookies to form of which the users use the site to monitor its performance. This allows us to provide better navigation experience when personalizing our offer and identifying and correcting any problem.


  • Functional Cookies or third parties (Share This, Mobile Phone Detection, Social Networks) – We use functional cookies to remind us of user’s preferences. The functional cookies keep user´s preferences relative to the site usage, in a way that it is not necessary to configurate the site any time that they visit it. The third-party cookies are to meditate the application process and the third-party publicity efficiency and permits to share what is integrated within the social networks.


 The information collected and/or saved by the cookies that uses IMPIUS is only used to optimize and personalize the services provided to the user and web sites, in a way to improve the information quality within the usage experience.


The site  WWW.IMPIUS.PT  can contain connections, links, directories that permit access of the user to other websites, portals and other internet pages under third party’s´ responsibility.


The present privacy policy is applicable and refers exclusively when navigating or visiting the web site and is not applicable as a form of collection and treatment of data from other sites, links and pages connected to the website, completely unrelated to IMPIUS.

Any alteration or update to the present privacy policy, will be published on this page with a reference to the publishing date. All rights to make any alterations or updates are reserved to IMPIUS, without the necessity for previous communication to its users.


The present privacy policy was updated on 17, Janueary, 2019.

The present privacy policy with all its aspects, is applicable under the Portuguese law and the applicable legislation.



For any question that the user needs clarification, or any comment to this privacy policy, the user needs to contact IMPIUS directly through the following email: