Liliana Alves PELCOR is a Portuguese fashion and lifestyle brand that develops trendy and sustainable products inspired by cork. Our collections include bags, shoes, tech and office accessories, home accessories and pet accessories, transforming the traditional cork look in sophisticated and contemporary objects.

PELCOR (copy)

"Mariana Sampaio Studio is a Fine Arts and Ceramics studip, specializing in author pieces and small series. We also develop works in the area of tile replicas, gifts and souvenirs and products customized to the client's taste. Our work is centered on elements such as a line, color, shadow, image planning and overlapping planes. Vivid and vibrant colors are present in several materials and varied scales. The world through outlines and color stains, in a hybrid symbiosis between two-dimensional and three-dimensional. Ceramics are one of the most effective means of expression. Allowing the development of the techniques and artistic concepts that were approached, actively exploring as aesthetic possibilities always linked to the issues of hiring and crossing the traditional with contemporary." Mariana Sampaio